Group types

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Group types
English Types de groupes de samba

Here is a classification that was proposed by David DE HILSTER, webmaster of the World Samba Home Page.


[modifier] Samba School

A samba school is the most complex and most demanding of the samba groups. Minimally, it must have a bateria and compose its own songs, a group of baianas, flag-bearer and ballroom master, front commission, and parade once a year in a formal setting with a chosen theme. Although many groups have "samba school" in their titles, they are not really samba schools but some other type found hereafter.

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[modifier] Bloco

A bloco is the step just before a samba school. At a minimum, blocos have a percussion unit and dancers and participate formally in parade formation once a year.

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[modifier] Bateria

A bateria is a group that only has drummers. Sometimes they join up with dance groups to parade.

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[modifier] Dance group

A dance group consists of dancers and often give classes and parade with percussion groups.

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[modifier] Bloco afro

A bloco afro is patterned after groups in Northern Brazil and play timbalada, samba reggae, and other rhythms from Bahia. They consist of drummers and dancers and parade formally once a year in processions that can last for hours.

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[modifier] Folkloric group

Folkloric groups usually consist of dancers, or dancers and drummers and dance and play a variety of Brazilian rhythms including samba, timbalada, frevo, etc.

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[modifier] Samba band

Samba bands are small groups of musicians that play samba, pagode, samba de roda, marches, and other samba styles.

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[modifier] Samba club

Some samba clubs have spontaneous samba groups and musicians but are not highly organized like a samba school. Their atmosphere is that of a club where people go to hear samba and dance.

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[modifier] Cours

There are many places to learn how to play and dance samba. These classes are usually taught by teachers who are Brazilophiles.

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